Dietbet Promo Codes

DietBet is an online program that offers money for its members who meet weight-loss goals. Members can also earn money if their friends fail to meet their own weight-loss goals.

A new startup company is bringing a new concept to the weight-loss market: it gives money to people who work hard to lose mass as per predefined goal. This concept is very unique, it’s a simple online platform that allows people to maintain health on playing sports.

Dietbet Promo Codes

Dietbet Promo Codes 2023

  • CHRISANDHEIDI – $10 OFF on order of $20+
  • madelyn – get $35 Signup.
  • HEALTHGRAPH  – After creating first game with friends and family and receive a 5% discount with dietbet promo codes.
  • CYBERMONDAY20 – 60% OFF on Premium account up gradation
  • $20 or $30 Bet – find upcoming sports events to join bet with $20 or $30 in-game section.
  • GET5 – Use dietbet promo codes when you join this challenge.
  • racingtales – 10% Discount on any sports participation.
  • TRANSFORM2022  – take a $10 Discount.
  • jan2, 578AMF – $5 off
  • TENOFF  – Get a 10% discount on any order.
  • F73HQI, DIETBETATWORK – hold the pot and they will spot your stake up to $25.
  • If everyone bet for $20 via PayPal then they will cover $20 bet, If you represent a big company that wants to organize a game with them.
  • send Your HR manager name at this email address [email protected], they guide and set it up with them.
  • Free Game – Create free four-week sport with friend after inviting them, each friends put money in a pot and whoever reaches the healthy goal will be a winner.
  • racingtales – 10% Off on any sport participation.
  • HEALTHGRAPH – Use code on first game with friend or family and get 5% Discount on $100+ order.


DietBet, a social dieting game played over four weeks that encourages players to lose weight along with their friends, has a website at Players can register on this site after filling out a profile.

After making a profile, deposit $25 into a sports betting account and become part of that sport by providing one picture of yourself standing on a scale holding up a piece of paper with your weight on it, and another photo showing your weight on a scale along with your face clearly visible.

After submitting pictures, a certified personal trainer will analyze and verify your progress. The trainer will also provide you with instructions for achieving your weight-loss goal.

When you lose weight, your team will approve of your weight loss and provide you with a monetary reward. This is a common motivating factor for many people who lose weight.

The overall goal is to lose 4% of body weight, but remember this is a standard suggested amount.

however you can increase this goal and this will increase money reward. All the weight disclose is completely private for public only team can see your weight.

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