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Guild Wars 2 is a fantasy MMO that was released in 2012 by NCSOFT. It is set in Tyria, which is a continent dominated by humans and the long-drawn races, such as the dwarves and the charr. The game features immersive real-time combat with an RPG-style skill system and PvE elements such as raids, world events and PvP.

Gw2 is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game developed by ArenaNet. It is available for OS X & Microsoft Windows. The game uses enhanced graphics, 3D environments and animation to boost your gaming experience. Players can make their own character by combining seven professions and four races.

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GW2 Gem Promo Codes:

GW2 gem promo
  • DERHE-RRDER-RINGE – Submit this promo code and get $10 discount on entire order, Offer is valid for orders from Green Man gaming only.
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  • Heart of Thorns Deal – When you buy GW2 PC Version Heart of Thorns you will get $12.50 discount on final order. Original Price is $49.99 and you will receive it in $37.49 only.
  • guildwars2 – On order of Gaming accessories & in game purchase you will receive 15% Discount with gw2 promo.
  • Free 4000 Gems – When you buy Gw2 Ultimate edition in $99.99 you will get 4000 gems of $50 worth for free. You will also get extra character slot max level boost, revenant finisher & various free perks.
  • 20% Off – Get 20% Flat Discount on purchase of Standard & Delux edition of game, offer is valid for only new users.
  • 10% OFF – Get 10% discount when you buy 2000 or more gold coins.
  • giveaway – Join the official Facebook and Twitter pages of ArenaNet and participate in their contest for a chance to win a Premium membership, as well as many other gaming goodies for free.

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What is Guild Wars 2 Gem:

ArenaNet’s GW 2 is a multiplayer online game develop by the company. The game involves two factions battling it out for control of an area called Tyria, which contains several areas and towns.

You can choose to play as one of these factions or create your own character and join either one. The game offers three different packages Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate and you can purchase them from the official website or third party sites like and

GW2 has various virtual currencies, including gold, gw2 gem, and items. You earn gold by completing missions or winning battles. You can buy gold or gems with real money. Alternatively, you can use a generator to create these items for free.

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How To Apply GW2 Gem Promo:

ArenaNet offers a 10% to 20% discount on the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of its games every month. You can enter promo code to get the associated discount and perks.

Log in to your account. Visit your dashboard and browse the promo code section. Enter the code given here to get Free gw2 gem, gold, or items. If you are new to this site and want to purchase GW2 , then enter promo at checkout page. Good news is that you can trade your gaming currencies too.

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