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Ingo Money is a money-transfer service that lets you cash a check and get money within a few minutes. It’s an easy-to-use mobile app that turns your check into money in your bank account, PayPal, prepaid card account or as gift vouchers for Amazon and other partnered sites. So, it’s your money on your terms and conditions.

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Top Rated Ingo Promo Code

  • Rcard5 – Receive $5 Discount on first time Purchase.
  • REFER20 – On Ingo Money get 20% Save on your Pass.
  • EVERYTHING5 – Place any type of order and get 5% Discount with code.
  • RUSHGET10 – RushCard offers a cashback program through its mobile app. Customers can enter the Ingo promo code at the time of cashing their check to earn $10.
  • eTNbz –  create a new account and use ingo promo code to receive $15 for your first check.
  • Fxnzz – Deposit checks to earn $15 bonus. No minimum check amount limitation. You can also cashing out checks worth $5 to earn $15 bonus. Offer valid for new users only.
  • REWARD5 – First 10,000 Rewards Prepaid debit cardholders can load their checks into their personalized 1-2-3 rewards Visa Prepaid Debit Card through Ingo money app and get $5 bonus credit. Offer is for first 10,000 Rewards Prepaid debit card holders only.
  • GET5 – Ingo is celebrating $10 billion in checks cashing by its users. The company has achieved this milestone, which is a big achievement and so big are the rewards for you. Get $5 bonus when you cashing a check from Ingo’s app.
  • Get $20 Bonus Credit – You can earn $20 bonus credit for each friend who cash a check during the offer time During this holiday weekend.
  • USECCBP – Use Ingo Promo Code when paying your credit card bills and you will receive $3 off your monthly charge.
  • flZJ3 or e03Ms – You can use any of these offer codes at the time of joining them to get $15 when you first cashing out your check. This offer is not valid for existing users.

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Ingo Promo Code Check Cashing


Ingo offers a fast, convenient way to get your money in the way you want it. With Ingo Check Cashing, you can get instant money in your desired bank account. Prepaid card or paypal for every approved check. It’s stress-free and easy! You can split the check and fund in more than one accounts or prepaid card.

Cash personal checks, paychecks, money orders or more. You can cash out almost any amount of check, whether it’s $5 or under $5000. No fee if you opt-in to get your money within 10 days period or waive off the fee if you prefer to wait longer.

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How Ingo Check Cashing Works:

The Ingo Money app is a mobile-based solution that allows users to cash their checks on their smartphones at any bank and at any time. To sign up for an account, visit and click the Sign up link at the top of the page.

After signing up, click the Cash a Check button at the top of your screen. Take a picture of your check. Select whether you want to receive your money via regular mail or via direct deposit into your bank account. Enter a ingo promo code if applicable to receive an additional bonus you can do this by clicking on Promotions & Offers in the top right corner of your screen). Submit your check for approval; approval usually takes less than five minutes.

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